When we close our eyes in prayer, it is a symbol of letting go of the attention to the outer world – and of opening ourselves to the inner world. We open to the consciousness and awareness of the Kingdom of Heaven at hand.

When I close my eyes, I notice the shades of darkness behind the eyelids. No matter what time of day it is, it is as if the day’s activities come to a close, and it is time to rest, I am reminded to be still, to breath, to be.

The last few weeks have been different for me – especially during the prayers I pray out loud during our services at Namasté. Simply, I’ve been moved to a place of tears . I could not explain it at first – but now I am finding the words.

The dark behind my eye lids changed, and I moved to another dimension. I’ve become totally unaware that I am speaking to an audience or saying a prayer out loud. It has been just me and God…. Just me and God. Thru a vortex of dark .. into another realm.

I cry because it is so beautiful, so sacred, so filled with love. I cry because I am able to see – in the nothingness of the world of this dimension – the Light, and only Light.

You and I may venture in this land a few precious times in our human experience. Perhaps those that have left their bodies behind live in this realm forever – I’d like to think so. Perhaps, for those who have moved to a place of the mystics, this dimension is truly all there is, and all else simply an illusion.

Meet me in this world .. A world of only One Life… The Life … God’s Life. Our Life.

Companion me .. As I do you.

You are Precious.

You are Awesome

Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins


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