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  1. Joyce

    You are the one who taught me to stretch out of the bubble in Foundation. I get it, I really get it. Thank you for believing in me and seamlessly opening me up to my spirituality. I am so proud to know you and to watch where you go…

  2. Patricia

    It’s been a while since I was in your presence but I have always had gratitude for my time at Namaste and your heartfelt teachings.

  3. Nicki Freeman

    My heart is also full from such a magical day in celebrating you and your creation of Namaste. Thanks for opening the space so lovingly and I know whatever is next for you will be an exciting adventure

  4. Lynn Hamlin

    I am forever grateful to have been so divinely led to Namaste and you. You are a blessing and a light to all. I am excited to see what is next and look forward to working with you in workshops etc. Many blessings and joy on your journey!

  5. Elizabeth Amparan

    I bless the day my soul directed me to namaste. I found you and Debra loving out loud. Welcoming me as I grew . I welcome you as you grow . Namaste.
    I am I am I am the way
    You’re in my heart forever

  6. Donna

    Thank you for invitation to join you on your journey. I support you with my heart and thoughts a successful and bountiful next phase of your development. I appreciate every moment I got to stand beside you and serve the Namaste Community. I appreciate your love and support of me as well as you allowing me to love and support you. You are an amazing woman with a lot to share. Thank you for sharing and living out loud in public. I love you!


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