Never Move Faster than the Speed of Love

It’s been in my heart for a long time to talk about the “obligation” of taking action on social issues in our world including the areas that need a dose of healing. This past week I gave a talk at Namaste CSL on this topic – the title was “Being a Oneness Activist” (

Often, I’ve found myself reluctant to speak about world issues, environmental concerns, or human rights violations in deference to wanting to honor all views, and not leverage any perceived position I might hold as a minister. But you and I have obligations to speak up where we believe injustice is occurring. The question is, how to do so while honoring and coming from our spiritual beliefs. How to do so without making someone else “wrong”, thereby simply perpetuating the very root cause of the problems we see. How do I/we truly honor the belief in one Life common to all – while taking action where called to take action.

I’ve often written and spoken about how our consciousness creates. The sum total of our thoughts, beliefs, feeling and ideas tend to out-picture in our world. This is a “way of the world” taught throughout the ages, and is empowering for all that have become aware of this creative power. But this power also begs us to have our actions be consistent with our beliefs. Actions are part of what defines our consciousness … we create are not only from what we think but what we do as well.

How then shall we act when we perceive that injustice has been done, when human kind has forgotten that we are One? How should we respond when others act out of a belief that there is not enough, that one has to lose if another is to win, that oppression is necessary for liberation and freedom of others. How shall we act?

Certainly we can look to the lives of way-showers such as Gandhi, King, Mandela, Jesus or the Buddha for guidance. Our lifelong study and contemplation of these beacons of light bring us clarity. For those times that we need the “cliff” notes to go by, I offer these two expressions that I’ve heard recently:

“Never Move Faster than the Speed of Love”.

“Never Solve an Injustice with an Injustice”.

As long as I remember this, I will be deliberate in my action; I will not be reactionary, or revengeful. I will not act out of anger or frustration. I will not take shortcuts, thinking that expedient will win the day. I will not perpetuate the transgression at the core of my discomfort by bringing that same spirit to the solution.

Let yourself be disturbed into action. Let that action be guided and filled with Love.

As Hafiz said, “Remember – The One I love lives inside of you.”

You are Precious.
You are Awesome.

Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

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