How a Divining Rod Works

I’ve been challenging myself lately to remember to focus on what I want more than what I don’t want.   Sounds so simple, and any good metaphysician will tell you how important this is.   We create from our thought, and what we focus on is what we get in the “real” world.

This does not mean that we should never reflect on what we don’t like, however!    Trying to ignore what we don’t like makes as much sense as saying “don’t think of pink elephants”.   The more we try to not think of something, the more we think of it!    In the work of Jerry and Ester Hicks, they talk about using what we don’t like to help sharpen the  contrast to what we do like.  Saying to ourselves “I don’t like working out”, or “I don’t like the way I felt when you said that to me”,  can be of real advantage to us if we use it to uncover what we do like and want.   This is what is mean by using the contrast.

ImageSometimes we are not aware of the things we like and don’t like.  But as we learn to listen to our body’s, our hearts –  our inner selves we can “feel” what gives us energy and aliveness!   Think of this as each having our own Divining Rod – that which helps steer us to the waters of what feeds our hearts and souls.

Yesterday I asked our teens and tweens of Namasté CSL how a Divining Rod worked and helped people find water.   Their replies were so quick and to the point, I was in awe!

  • There is water is in the wood of the stick, and  like attracts like
  • If we believe it will work, it will
  • The Divining Rod just helps us channel our inner wisdomJ

We had a great time together using our home made Divining Rods to help show us  what we liked, and what we did not!    Then we reminded ourselves to use all of the energy and vibrancy we get when we focus on what we DO like!  The result was a really fun rap we made .. called… “Don’t Like, DO LIKE!”.    Click the link to listen!

Perhaps you may want to make one today – rap that is.  You already have a build in Diving Rod.

You are Precious
You are Awesome

 Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

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