Hit the Pause Button!

Email systems should have a mandatory PAUSE button .. Where you have to wait 15-30-60 minutes before  sending a reply!

How many times have I spoken or acted out of our “knee-jerk” reactions to something?   More than I would like to admit!

Truth is that we all have all that we need at any given time to know what steps or actions will bring us resolution, peace, or aid us in continuing on our ever expanding life.  But sometimes we get turned around in where we are looking for answers.  

Ernest Holmes said that we must “turn entirely away from the condition” in order to express a greater possibility in life.  I don’ think this means to ignore conditions, but rather to not give them our full and undivided attention!  When our focus is entirely on the conditions, and our response to those conditions, we are blind to a greater truth of our lives that always is present.  When we ground our selves in this greater Truth, our responses come from the depth of our Perfection … and resolution for all that troubles, will  be found.

This week try some experimenting.   When your tempted to do what is expedient in dealing with a frustration that may occur, press the pause button.   Turn your attention entirely away from the condition, if just for a moment or two.  Spend some time in quiet contemplation.  When you can feel your own wholeness, and connection to the Divine, hit play again .. And go on your way :)

You are Precious.  You are Awesome!

Rev. Dr. Kristin

Your Thoughts?