Complex or Simple?

I’ve been aware of late of how complex I sometimes make my life. Not just in the things to manage in the outside arenas, but my interior landscape! So many thoughts to process, organize, and sort through! So many questions to consider. Sometimes they all feel like distractions from what really matters.

And then I begin to wonder if life is meant to be processes, organized and sorted … even questioned. Perhaps it is meant to be simpler than that.
Something I read recently from “The Way of Mastery”:

“Never let a morning go by that you fail to begin your day,
except in this way:

  • Surrender all thought of what you know and have believed.
  • Rest in gratitude to the One who has birthed you.
  • Ask only to be revealed for you greater truth, greater wisdom,
    greater capacity to know and extend Love, perfect trust and perfect peace.”

Today I rest in clarity of what Life asks of me.

You are Precious. You are Awesome.


Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

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