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Never Move Faster than the Speed of Love

It’s been in my heart for a long time to talk about the “obligation” of taking action on social issues in our world including the areas that need a dose of healing. This past week I gave a talk at Namaste CSL on this topic – the title was “Being a Oneness Activist” (

Often, I’ve found myself reluctant to speak about world issues, environmental concerns, or human rights violations in deference to wanting to honor all views, and not leverage any perceived position I might hold as a minister. But you and I have obligations to speak up where we believe injustice is occurring. The question is, how to do so while honoring and coming from our spiritual beliefs. How to do so without making someone else “wrong”, thereby simply perpetuating the very root cause of the problems we see. How do I/we truly honor the belief in one Life common to all – while taking action where called to take action.

I’ve often written and spoken about how our consciousness creates. The sum total of our thoughts, beliefs, feeling and ideas tend to out-picture in our world. This is a “way of the world” taught throughout the ages, and is empowering for all that have become aware of this creative power. But this power also begs us to have our actions be consistent with our beliefs. Actions are part of what defines our consciousness … we create are not only from what we think but what we do as well.

How then shall we act when we perceive that injustice has been done, when human kind has forgotten that we are One? How should we respond when others act out of a belief that there is not enough, that one has to lose if another is to win, that oppression is necessary for liberation and freedom of others. How shall we act?

Certainly we can look to the lives of way-showers such as Gandhi, King, Mandela, Jesus or the Buddha for guidance. Our lifelong study and contemplation of these beacons of light bring us clarity. For those times that we need the “cliff” notes to go by, I offer these two expressions that I’ve heard recently:

“Never Move Faster than the Speed of Love”.

“Never Solve an Injustice with an Injustice”.

As long as I remember this, I will be deliberate in my action; I will not be reactionary, or revengeful. I will not act out of anger or frustration. I will not take shortcuts, thinking that expedient will win the day. I will not perpetuate the transgression at the core of my discomfort by bringing that same spirit to the solution.

Let yourself be disturbed into action. Let that action be guided and filled with Love.

As Hafiz said, “Remember – The One I love lives inside of you.”

You are Precious.
You are Awesome.

Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

How a Divining Rod Works

I’ve been challenging myself lately to remember to focus on what I want more than what I don’t want.   Sounds so simple, and any good metaphysician will tell you how important this is.   We create from our thought, and what we focus on is what we get in the “real” world.

This does not mean that we should never reflect on what we don’t like, however!    Trying to ignore what we don’t like makes as much sense as saying “don’t think of pink elephants”.   The more we try to not think of something, the more we think of it!    In the work of Jerry and Ester Hicks, they talk about using what we don’t like to help sharpen the  contrast to what we do like.  Saying to ourselves “I don’t like working out”, or “I don’t like the way I felt when you said that to me”,  can be of real advantage to us if we use it to uncover what we do like and want.   This is what is mean by using the contrast.

ImageSometimes we are not aware of the things we like and don’t like.  But as we learn to listen to our body’s, our hearts –  our inner selves we can “feel” what gives us energy and aliveness!   Think of this as each having our own Divining Rod – that which helps steer us to the waters of what feeds our hearts and souls.

Yesterday I asked our teens and tweens of Namasté CSL how a Divining Rod worked and helped people find water.   Their replies were so quick and to the point, I was in awe!

  • There is water is in the wood of the stick, and  like attracts like
  • If we believe it will work, it will
  • The Divining Rod just helps us channel our inner wisdomJ

We had a great time together using our home made Divining Rods to help show us  what we liked, and what we did not!    Then we reminded ourselves to use all of the energy and vibrancy we get when we focus on what we DO like!  The result was a really fun rap we made .. called… “Don’t Like, DO LIKE!”.    Click the link to listen!

Perhaps you may want to make one today – rap that is.  You already have a build in Diving Rod.

You are Precious
You are Awesome

 Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

C.I.A. – Consciousness in Action

Consciousness Creates.   Ernest Holmes said, “Spirit creates by some inner act upon Itself”, and that inner act is thought.  We create as Spirit creates, and our inner act is what we call our consciousness – our embodied, whole being belief in the thing we seek. 

The manifest world is the direct out-picturing of our individual and collective consciousness.  Our life  and all its experiences,  our world and all of its conditions, are the direct result of consciousness – our aware and unaware thought, our beliefs and ideas held in mind.  

To suppose that a God could intervene, is to suppose a God that is less than unconditional and absolute Love, less than pure Freedom – a God that is judgmental, whimsical, and in whom we can not rely.    But Ernest Holmes, and others, have said that there is a Law of God, and it is that which we can count on.  It is true, it is consistent, predictable and steadfast.   Consciousness, then, is everything.  The ultimate mover and shaker and shaper of the world.   

Realizing this, changes everything.  Realizing this, living in this awareness, changes how we interact, what we put first, how we approach problems, how we go about  impacting our world.  Realizing this means that anything, and all things, are possible to those who cultivate the consciousness that can and will out-picture as the thing desired. 

Learning to cultivate our consciousness for the highest Good in our LIFE and in the LIFE or our world is where the rubber meets the road.   This is the practical application of spiritual principle, and it is a call to each and every one of us.

When asked … “What’s the one question you can ask that will change your life?”, most people will say … “What do you want?”.   And while this is a powerful question, it does not necessarily call us to any action.  “What do I INTEND?”, however implies something that is expected, anticipated, looked for, and that we have faith in the realization of.  Simply put, “What do I intend?” is a question that puts us squarely in the equation.  No longer is the desire just a desire, but a call to action on our part. 

And what is the action that we are called to?   Anything that helps us cultivate the consciousness of the thing desired!  Releasing opposing thoughts, looking for the evidence of that which we intend, surrounding ourselves with those that can support our intention, and more.  The inspiration and commitment to do these things comes when we move from wanting a thing to intending a thing.  When we make this shift and focus our attention on cultivating the consciousness of this highest good, the entire universe conspires in support .. and miracles unfold.

Experiment with me.  What consciousness are you cultivating this day?  What is the greatest good you are committed to?  Begin the journey of Cultivating the Consciousness that will reveal the highest good in your life, and in our world.

You are Precious. 
You are Awesome

Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

P.S.   For expand thoughts on this topic, you may want to listen to a talk I gave on  Sept. 8, 2013.  Here is the link.


When we close our eyes in prayer, it is a symbol of letting go of the attention to the outer world – and of opening ourselves to the inner world. We open to the consciousness and awareness of the Kingdom of Heaven at hand.

When I close my eyes, I notice the shades of darkness behind the eyelids. No matter what time of day it is, it is as if the day’s activities come to a close, and it is time to rest, I am reminded to be still, to breath, to be.

The last few weeks have been different for me – especially during the prayers I pray out loud during our services at Namasté. Simply, I’ve been moved to a place of tears . I could not explain it at first – but now I am finding the words.

The dark behind my eye lids changed, and I moved to another dimension. I’ve become totally unaware that I am speaking to an audience or saying a prayer out loud. It has been just me and God…. Just me and God. Thru a vortex of dark .. into another realm.

I cry because it is so beautiful, so sacred, so filled with love. I cry because I am able to see – in the nothingness of the world of this dimension – the Light, and only Light.

You and I may venture in this land a few precious times in our human experience. Perhaps those that have left their bodies behind live in this realm forever – I’d like to think so. Perhaps, for those who have moved to a place of the mystics, this dimension is truly all there is, and all else simply an illusion.

Meet me in this world .. A world of only One Life… The Life … God’s Life. Our Life.

Companion me .. As I do you.

You are Precious.

You are Awesome

Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins


Hit the Pause Button!

Email systems should have a mandatory PAUSE button .. Where you have to wait 15-30-60 minutes before  sending a reply!

How many times have I spoken or acted out of our “knee-jerk” reactions to something?   More than I would like to admit!

Truth is that we all have all that we need at any given time to know what steps or actions will bring us resolution, peace, or aid us in continuing on our ever expanding life.  But sometimes we get turned around in where we are looking for answers.  

Ernest Holmes said that we must “turn entirely away from the condition” in order to express a greater possibility in life.  I don’ think this means to ignore conditions, but rather to not give them our full and undivided attention!  When our focus is entirely on the conditions, and our response to those conditions, we are blind to a greater truth of our lives that always is present.  When we ground our selves in this greater Truth, our responses come from the depth of our Perfection … and resolution for all that troubles, will  be found.

This week try some experimenting.   When your tempted to do what is expedient in dealing with a frustration that may occur, press the pause button.   Turn your attention entirely away from the condition, if just for a moment or two.  Spend some time in quiet contemplation.  When you can feel your own wholeness, and connection to the Divine, hit play again .. And go on your way :)

You are Precious.  You are Awesome!

Rev. Dr. Kristin