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What is Next?

Dear Ones,

As you know, I’m completing my journey with my beloved community, Namaste CSL. I’ve listened to an inner call to allow Spirit to write the next chapter of my life, and of ministry. So many of you have been so incredibly loving and supportive of me as I take this step into the unknown, and many have also asked me how they will know where and into what form I “land” next!

My guess is it will be a few months til I am clear, but I’d love to stay in touch and let you know what this next step ends up being for me. And, as I may be doing some speaking and workshops around the area, I’d love to let you know of those things as well.

SO .. if you’d like news of the journey, please consider:

1. Sign up for a newsletter that I will start soon .. with updates and news of what I’m doing
2. Sign up to receive my blog when I begin to write again !

Both of these can be done on this website –  .     Nothing fancy, yet :)

( The Subscription page for the blog and newsletter a menu option, or go direct with

And, please do note that you can reach me at a new email address!

With love always,

You are Precious.  You are Awesome!