Are we all on the Same Page?

Everyone would LOVE to have full and complete agreement on the decisions we make and the direction we take. It feels great when we are all on the “same page”. Whether it is with a group of people, or simply dealing with our own internal voices that have different views, there is something empowering when we are all aligned as one! And, sometimes it seems impossible to get there.

Here are some simple keys to finding agreement when faced with seemingly conflicting views and opinions.

  1. Go for clarity first! We often try to resolves conflicts before we are really clear on what the conflict is! Rather than going for clarity, we spend our time either finding ways to compromise, or win. Agree to spend some unfiltered time inviting others (or your own internal voices) to “TELL ME MORE!”. Listen first seeking clarity only.
  2. Find the Value in the View! We hold our strong views on things because of something we value. We may value freedom, or order, or safety, or being responsible. Every view we hold is held because we believe it is the path to achieve what we value. Look for the value’s that each person is representing, or that your own inner voices represents.

    At their very core, values are pretty universal. This is because our values, at their root, spring from qualities of God. We value experiencing that which Spirit is … Freedom, Love, Joy, Abundance, Peace, Wholeness and Grace. While views can seem to be in conflict, qualities of God (values) are not! Each value, each God quality supports the other. At this level we find harmony, inclusion, and consensus!

  3. Check for Commitment. Once you’ve found the values that all the views represent, check to see if you now have commitment to move forward .. All on the same page. 

    Effortless Co-creation happens when we are in full alignment with the good we seek.

You are Precious. You are Awesome.


Rev. Dr. Kristin Hawkins

2 thoughts on “Are we all on the Same Page?

  1. Debra

    For me, it is hardest to even ask for agreement when I really want something but am afraid of disagreement. The stronger I feel about something, the harder it is to “put it out there” to see if others agree. Or not. To me that is the starting point for hindering getting everyone on the same page – if I am not willing to risk a “no” because I am invested, I may not really put it out there for true input, honestly and fully allowing for the “no”. So it is when I am invested that I try to be more aware of where and how I am holding back, who and what am I avoiding, how I may be manipulating the situation/information to get “my way”, etc.

    And of course, the reasons I am so invested have to do with the values that you mention – but if I’m not aware that I’m holding back in the first place, then I am not truly listening or seeking agreement.


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