A Journey of Awakening!

What if 2014 were the year of AWAKENING to the Spiritual Magnificence that you are!awaken

Namaste CSL’s theme this year is infact, “Awakening”! I invite you to follow our journey by both listening to our Sunday messages online (if not in person), and by subscribing to our Awakening 2014 Blog! There you will will find posts from Namasté that support our monthly themes on Awakening. We will share Spiritual Mind Treatments (Affirmative Prayer) that relate to the subject of our Sunday service topic for the week, short quotes from Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of The Science of Mind philosophy, as well as simple exercises that you can use as part of your daily Spiritual Practice. You’ll hear from our ministers, our practitioners, and our congregants as we journey through a year of Awakening to our Grandest Spiritual Selves!

January is “Awakening Through Prayer”. Check out the simple prayer process we are using, and join us on the journey.

You are Precious.
You are Awesome.

Dr. Kristin

Your Thoughts?